Introducing “Just Puckett”!

Welcome to my new blog!  It is also my first blog.  I decided to join the 21st century, or was it the 20th?  Anyway, the name “Just Puckett” was chosen because I am the only investment advisory representative of my firm, Beacon Wealth Advisors, LLC, which is registered as an investment advisory firm in Virginia.  In this blog, you can expect to hear the things that I think might be worth hearing and it will be Just Puckett.

Assuming you are still reading, there is no specific topic planned for the blog.  I might talk about the market in general or something specific like, “Why does anybody buy a hedge fund?”.  Or I might throw in an article, picture, or video that I find interesting and think that blog readers would enjoy.  Notes on my recent vacation, a symphony concert, a great recipe, and just about anything else may also be included.

To get things rolling, and to ignore the end of the markets recent 20+% rise (DOW down almost 300 points at the moment), you might be amused to note that yours truly competed in the Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach.  Ok, competed is a bit strong, how about, “I ran an 8k”, which is still not accurate.  My youngest daughter ran the 8k finishing in just over 45 minutes while I leisurely came in almost 45 minutes after her.  I guess that means an hour and a half!  If weight was factored into the time, I might have won!  Here’s a picture for your amusement, and it also gives me a chance to see if I can figure out how to include pictures in the blog!

You really do not want to know my pulse rate.....

You really do not want to know my pulse rate.....

Duty calls, so I must leave you for now.  Look for new blog entries on more relevant matters at least weekly.  Until then, best regards, Paul


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One Response to “Introducing “Just Puckett”!”

  1. Paul Puckett Says:

    Feel free to comment on anything I’ve written or add your two cents. To help me comply with Investment Regulations, no testimonials about me, Beacon Wealth Advisors, LLC, or any products that I recommended. Testimonials are not allowed to those of us that serve as Investment Advisors!

    Other than that, have at it!

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