Appearance on “The Specialist” Radio Show

Today I will be a guest on “The Specialist” National Radio Show. Charles Kettner, aka “The Specialist”, is a professional sales and management trainer and published author, having recently released “The Specialist” Sales and Management Bible. He resides with his family in Virginia Beach, VA, where he is the host of a national daily radio show, The Specialist Radio Hour, dedicated to sales and management training.

The show will feature a quiz about Investiphobia. If you would like a headstart, here is the quiz.

1 Investiphobia is:
a A new book available on
b The abnormal, irrational, paralyzing fear of all things that are related to investing.
c characterized by the inability to make sound investment decisions.
2 Investiphobia is caused by
a one or more of eighteen different fears
b too much sugar
c tailgating
3 I may have investiphobia if:
a I avoid the stock market completely
b I haven’t bought or sold an investment in over three years
c I can’t sleep at night because I worry about my portfolio
4 I know that I don’t have investiphobia if:
a I follow the markets constantly trading several times a day
b I have a money manager or advisor who handles that for me
c I’m comfortable with my portfolio, my investments, advisor, and the markets

Answers will be given tomorrow, good luck! Hint: Some questions have no correct answers



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